Manor House Builders: Home Financing in Maryland

Enjoy a sense of security and comfort, with our preferred lenders.

Home Financing Process

There are a wide variety of mortgage lenders, banks, and brokers in the residential lending business today. It’s difficult to determine which lenders will be reliable, competitive and service-oriented to you. As a Manor House Builder valued customer, we want every experience you have to be a positive one. For this reason, we have made buying your new home easier for you.

Customized Loan Products

It’s important for lenders to be familiar with the products involved. Our preferred lenders are knowledgeable about Manor House Builders’ homes. They provide a wide array of mortgage loan products that ideally suit our customers and aim to help with the process. These products are always offered at competitive rates. We’ve established a long-term relationship with our preferred lenders so that smooth transactions are made to benefit you.

Experienced Lenders

Our preferred lenders have decades of mortgage banking experience. This quality provides you with a level of expertise that makes the lending process very courteous, smooth and professional. Experience gives you a sense of security and comfort, which is not always easy to find among mortgage lenders, banks, and brokers.

Customized Loan Service

Our preferred lenders focus on serving Manor House Builders customers exclusively. Their staff is particularly flexible to fit customer’s different schedules and unique needs. They make an effort to make your home buying experience as comfortable as possible.

Full Disclosure

Our preferred lenders pride themselves in pre-closing dialogue with the customer so as to insure “no surprises” at the settlement table.

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